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A list of doctors we commonly work with for physical therapy needs

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Evergreen Health Primary Care - Kenmore

Dr. Dawson, Dr. Anderson, Dr. Telge, Dr. Marshall, Dr. Lee-Garrard, Travis Jo Cufley, ARNP, and Colleen Pacem, ARNP

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Virginia Mason - Kirkland

Dr. Suhr, Dr. Chawla, Dr. Furlong, Dr. Kaine, Dr. Nakamoto, Dr. Popko

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OPA Ortho

Dr. Young, Dr. Crutcher, Dr. Matsen Ko

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Eastside Natural Medicine

Dr. Testa, Dr. Murdoch, Dr. Martin

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Pro Ortho in Kirkland

Dr. Koo, Dr. McAllister, Dr. Fuchs, Dr. Gregush, Dr. Stickney, Dr. Clinton, Dr. Stone

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Evergreen Health Primary Care – Lakeshore Bothell

Dr. Platz, Dr. Leonardo, Dr. Higginbotham, and Dr. Esser

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Evergreen Health Orthopedics & Sports Care

Dr. Rolfe, Dr. Oseto, Dr. Adams, Dr. Santoro, and Dr. Codsi

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Evergreen Health Sport & Spine Care

Dr. Stout, Dr. Lee, Dr. Messerli, and Dr. Zehnder

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